My Reading Fluency Booklet is comprised of beautifully illustrated, colorful, and engaging fluency passages targeting all the phonics skills introduced in Level One of the ReadBright program. In addition to the phonics skill, each passage includes the sight words that are taught along with that phonics skill. The passages incorporate short vowel words, digraphs, and blends. There is one fluency passage per skill. Rereading is the key to fluency. These cards are meant to be reread at least three times each. There is a number at the end of each line indicating how many words are contained in that line. In this way, any students timing themselves will be able to see how many words they were able to read in a minute. Each page has three spots for students to write their score after each reading. This book is integral for those students who are working on their reading fluency or for any student who can use some extra practice with their phonics skills.