• This set of cards includes Alef Beis flashcards, as well as Alef Beis with nekudos flashcards.

    These cards can be used as an easy review of both the letters of the Alef Beis and the nekuda sounds.

  • Each page in this set of cards contains one specific Alef Beis letter with all the different nekudos. These are perfect for students who are having difficulty mastering certain letters even after they’ve learned some or all of the nekudos.

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    The Kriah Fluency Book provides a thorough drill and review for various kriah skills. The drill pages cover all skills, beginning with the letters and sounds, and culminate with sentences and short story paragraphs. These exercises strengthen the accuracy and fluency of students’ kriah skills.

  • Each sheet in this set of cards-contains words that include a specific letter of the alef beis. The targeted letter is at the beginning, middle, or end of the word. These flashcards are a useful tool to help students who have difficulty mastering a particular letter or letters.

  • These flashcards contain words that follow the scope and sequence of the Nekudos Book. They apply the nekudos in the order in which they are taught. This allows students to practice kriah skills on flashcards prior to tackling the skills presented in the actual Nekudos Book.

  • This book presents each of the nekudos with a carefully chosen visual hint that is embedded within the shape of the nekuda. This enables students to visualize the nekuda’s accompanying hint and remember it. The hints used in this book appeal to children as they incorporate everyday objects in a language and vocabulary they know. Each hint is accompanied by a corresponding story, which adds excitement to the lessons. The teaching method utilized in this book should be used to assist students who are experiencing difficulty mastering the nekudos.  As such, this book is a valuable tool for remedial teachers.

  • This workbook is used to reinforce reading skills and help children learn to spell. Each page contains different Alef Beis letters, and students must fill in the nekuda sound that is dictated by the teacher. The book is arranged in the order that nekudos are introduced and provides a cumulative review for each nekuda already covered. The end of the book contains pages with words to be encoded with the proper nekudos. A terrific tool for practice and review, the Nekudos Workbook is a critical element in improving students’ encoding skills!

  • Pyramid Reading is designed to promote fluency in Kriah. Each story in Book Two of Pyramid Reading is written in pyramid form, beginning with a single word, and then adding one word to each new line until the sentence is complete. The stories contain three or four pyramid sentence structures. Each new lesson introduces a nekuda and reviews previously mastered nekudos. The pages in this book are designed with more words per page than appear in Book One of Pyramid Reading, and the stories include all the shva rules. In addition, each story features a final review page with practice reading exercises.

  • This Tehillim Booklet contains the pesukim of perek 119 of Tehillim. The pages are arranged in order of the Alef Beis, according to the sections of perek 119. Each section is repeated in three different types of lettering. The first page is written in print letters, the second page is written in script letters, and the last page is written in Rashi letters. By rereading the same pesukim in these different formats, students across all grades will improve the accuracy and fluency of their kriah skills.

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