The Vocabulary Program is a great way to introduce the meaning of unfamiliar, yet necessary words. Vocabulary words are provided for each skill and displayed on eye-catching illustrated cards. Using the ReadBright Mystery Words Program, students seamlessly learn the meaning of words they need to know to enhance comprehension and fluency.

The ReadBright Mystery Words Program should be introduced to students with the Mystery Words Detective. The detective uses clues and a dictionary to figure out unknown words. Explain to students that when they come across a word that they do not know, they can either figure out the meaning by using picture clues and context clues or by looking up the word in a dictionary.

The Mystery Words program includes both Tier One and Tier Two Vocabulary Words.

Tier One vocabulary words are words that can be sounded out. They are referred to as Mystery Words.

*Some Tier One words are Multiple Meaning Mystery Words. These cards are coded with a patterned stripe at the top, indicating to students that the word can have more than one meaning.

Tier Two vocabulary words cannot be sounded out. They are referred to as Marvelous Mystery Words.

Other Vocabulary Cards: