Level 4

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    This digital resource bundle includes the following resources for Book 4:
    • Assessments
    • Classroom Posters
    • Homework & Fluency worksheets
    • Audio songs (and song lyrics)
    • Printable pop word flashcards
    • And more!
    *This product is only available for classrooms that are using Book 4. Please contact our office to order.
  • ReadBright Decodable Readers Embark on an exciting reading journey with ReadBright’s Decodable Books (Kindergarten – Second Grade).  Four sets of meticulously crafted books designed to instill a love for reading. Supported by ReadBright’s effective structured literacy program, aligned with the latest Science of Reading research and incorporating key elements of the Orton Gillingham approach, this collection of little books provides young readers with an integral resource for practice and mastery of literacy skills.  Key Features: The decodable readers align to the systematic scope and sequence of the ReadBright program, and these books can be integrated with other reading programs or used independently as a valuable, freestanding resource to reinforce reading skills and promote fluency and comprehension. Engaging Stories: Enjoy 12-page storybooks that captivate with vibrant illustrations and interesting narratives. The books seamlessly integrate the skills, rules, and high frequency words taught at each level of the ReadBright program, making learning effective and enjoyable. Phonics Mastery: Each decodable reader is strategically formulated and scaffolded, containing only words and skills that students have already been taught, enabling repeated practice and learning progression. Level Four challenges students through systematic and cumulative decoding of multisyllabic words. Each reader targets a different syllable rule including, but not limited to, closed syllables, open syllables and vowel team syllables. Cumulative Learning: Skills are reinforced through cumulative learning. Each reader builds on earlier books, providing a continuous review of words and phonetic concepts. Comprehension Assessment: Comprehension questions at the end of each book ensure that early readers are comprehending the meaning behind the words. Drills for Reinforcement: Each book includes drills to reinforce featured phonics skills and previously taught high frequency words to solidify learning, ensuring mastery of foundational reading concepts. Ideal for:
    • Beginner Readers: Establishes foundational reading
    • ESL Learners: Assists in expanding vocabulary and enhancing overall literacy comprehension
    • Dyslexic Learners: Supports the sound-symbol connections through explicit, targeted phonics lessons
    • Older/Struggling Readers: Fills gaps in foundational reading skills, leading to fluency and confident reading 
    About the Author: Sara Gross, M.S.Ed. ReadBright was created by Sara Gross, M.S. Ed.,a nationally recognized expert with 30+ years in literacy education. Her innovative program, spanning diverse educational settings, instills foundational reading skills and a love for reading. Get other readers:          
  • These double sided flashcards included the Pop Words (High Frequency Words)* that are introduced in Book 4 of the ReadBright program. Perfect for both instruction and review, the flashcards help students master the words quickly and easily. *Pop Words in the ReadBright program refer to High Frequency Words- words that come up often in text. We want students to learn to read these words on an automatic level. ⇒available for classroom teachers as part of the Teacher resource bundle
  • The Teacher Display Cards correspond to the skills introduced in Book 4. With vibrant, full-color illustrations and clear explanations of each new phonics skill and syllable rule, these cards are the perfect visual aid to enhance the instruction of Workbook 4. The display cards are available in two formats- as a boxed set with cardstock display cards (8.5x11 each), and as a digital smartboard file.
  • This full color Teacher’s Edition spiral includes answer keys for each page of Workbook 4, as well as teaching tips, notes, and references to corresponding resources. Other Teacher's Editions: ABC Program GuideLevel 1 Teacher's EditionLevel 2 Teacher's EditionLevel 3 Teacher's Edition
  • This comprehensive workbook is the fourth level of the ReadBright phonics program. It covers the rules of syllable division, teaching students how to read multisyllabic words in a fun and exciting way. The workbook includes:
      • Syllable division
      • Phonetic sounds
      • Sight words
      • Special words
      • Spelling
      • Grammar
      • Vocabulary
      • Homophones and idioms
      • Vocabulary
      • Science facts
      • Identifying emotions
      • Social Skills
      • Understanding charts and diagrams
      • Math concepts
    Other Workbooks:
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